Taking a shot

I think the first film I truly fell in love with was Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet. It was simply beautiful, the music was astounding, and I was left affected. I want to make films that do that, that leave a feeling, that you can't really express, like an abstract imprint. I'm taking a couple steps in that direction. My goal is to master the craft of affecting people through images. I'm excited to be working on my first narrative short: Accent. It's still early stages, but I'm playing a lot with the ideas of coercing the audiences into feeling my lead characters emotions by manipulating camera angles to allow them to see what she sees, and becoming her even if its for a brief moment. I'll also be directing kids, who I believe I'm magic at one on one, but we're talking an entire classroom of children. Yikes! This project may be terrible, but I'm excited about trying it out, and trying my hand at creating a little bit of on screen magic. 

Accent Storyboard 

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I'm so excited to finally launch a personal website. Fully owning and stepping into my role as a producer, and look forward to sharing the ride with you. Lots more to come!