Nosarieme prides herself on her ability to sniff out untold stories, as well as her knack at making magic happen as a producer. She's been in the trenches filming across various countries, and dynamic settings from the diamond mines of Ivory Coast, to the tombs of Egypt, to forgotten towns in the United States.


My Africa Is  (Series Creator)

My Africa Is, is an ongoing documentary series highlighting the changing African landscape, with a focus on the young people rising above the continent’s challenges and uplifting their communities in the process. The show is currently being developed for broadcast for PBS/World Channel.


Winner of $100,000 in funding from the National Black Programming Consortium.

Winner of 2016 Telly Award for excellence in film.

Winner of 2016 Cindy Award for excellence in reality programming. 


Mysteries at the Museum: The Specials  (Field Producer)

Hosted by Don Wildman, Mysteries at the Museum is a show that explores the secrets that hide behind artifacts, and archeological treasures. The specials give viewers exclusive access to little known details, around events that have changed the world order.

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Perspectives For Open Society Initiative of West Africa (Producer)

Open Society Initiative of West Africa commissioned the documentary: Perspectives. Across West Africa communities have thrived, and have been devastated by the extractive industry. Perspectives takes viewers across Nigeria, Ghana, and Ivory Coast, to hear directly from the communities that have benefited, suffered, and recovered from the booming extractive industries.